Facial Acupressure Points

by Natural-d  - December 16, 2016

I want to show you some very good Facial Acupressure points to massage in your face and scalp. Don’t worry if you can’t locate the exact points because your face and your scalp are really rich with trigger points, and you’ll find that any point that’s tender you just need to focus on.

Instinctively massage

Initially, I’ll show you the eye area then the rest of the face and then the scalp. Firstly, around the eyes it’s so easy. It’s really surrounding the eye so the middle of the eyebrow above, that point. Then move to the side where there’s a bit of a depression in the temples. You instinctively massage this area when you have a headache. Just massage it and it’s so relaxing. The lower part of your eye here, this is a very good point, a stomach point. Just massage very gently.

Then going into the midpoint area just where the eyebrow is. That are excellent Facial Acupressure points as well when you have any swelling of the eyes. If you have a sinus problem or runny nose, hay fever, the point between your eyebrows here is very good.

Then on either side of your nose. This part here, the base of your cheek bone here. This is an excellent area too to massage. And the angle of your jaw. Corners of your mouth. This point midway between the lower part of your lip and the chin is also a very good point. Now generally, if you massage your whole scalp you’re going to hit many acupuncture points and it’s so good for the whole of your body.

Acupuncture points

But in particular I want you to focus on the anterior side and the side on either side of your temples because they are the richest in acupuncture points. Firstly, put one finger one centimeter lateral to the mid-line, and you can just run your finger up and down it. This point is fantastic for anything to do with the face.

If you want to be more effective, you can choose a chopstick or something that’s got a bit of a blunt end, and you can just massage like that. Where you find a tender point and sometimes there’s a little bit of a dip or a mound, you’ll feel it. Just press on it a bit and turn it, twirl it around. Then there’s a point at the corner of your hairline here that’s good for your neck region, neck and shoulder region.

This area just above your ear is so rich in acupuncture points. Just massage this area. If you want, take a chopstick and just find a tender spot and just press slightly hard. The back of your head is also very interesting. Just behind this bone here with your mastoid, just go behind the dip. This is fantastic for any pain behind the eyes. Often people have migraines that start from here.


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