September 30, 2016

Benefits Of Dark Chocolate

Dark high quality chocolate in particular (not your typical Snickers) has several health benefits that make it a bit more justifiable to nosh on!

As the ultimate comfort food, chocolate has been viewed for several years and it has become one of typically the most popular foods in the whole world. Nevertheless, because of the over consumption of this silky, dark, sweet food many health professionals warn against it. They say that it’s calorie-load and does little in the way of ’ nutrition that is real that is ‘.

The question is, though: are there any health benefits to consuming dark chocolate?
Clearly, over-consumption of any food can have a damaging effect on general well-being. Recent studies, however, have demonstrated that consumption (in moderation of course) of dark chocolate has many health benefits. So eating about an ounce of dark chocolate every day is actually a good thing!

The first question that many may ask is: why dark chocolate, not milk chocolate?
The reason is that when you compare milk chocolate and dark chocolate, dark chocolate comes out trumps as it pertains to nutritional advantage.

It’s to be said that, when discussing dark chocolate, we are talking about chocolate with a cacao percent of 70% and more.

The Main Health Benefits Of Dark Chocolate

• Lowers cholesterol. In studies, dark chocolate has demonstrated to lower LDL (bad cholesterol) and raise HDL (good cholesterol). As we understand, too much bad cholesterol is not great for us. These studies showed that dark chocolate actually provided health benefits as it pertains to cholesterol.

• It ’s not bad for the heart. Possibly the most well known reason, dark chocolate is great for the heart. Dark chocolate contains nutrients that are known to help lower blood sugar and increase blood flow. Additionally, whatever lowers cholesterol is not bad for the heart. These aren’t scientific studies, but given that dark chocolate lowers cholesterol and can lower blood pressure, then these findings are not insignificant.

• your skin improves. Dark chocolate contains bunches of flavanols, which shield the skin against sun damage. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you can do without sun cream! Nevertheless, it does mean the flavanols will reduce the damage on the skin due to the sun. Therefore, should you be planning a summer vacation, then you could start raising your consumption of dark chocolate several weeks before your holiday.

Insulin is a word associated with diabetes. Many studies have shown that dark chocolate improves insulin sensitivity. This means that dark chocolate can improve blood sugar levels. Because of its properties it can in fact be incorporated in a diabetic diet.

• It ’s nutritious. There are many great aspects to chocolate. Obviously, chocolate contains calories – up to 242 per 100 grams. This means that it should be eaten in moderation. Nevertheless, dark chocolate contains minerals for example iron, magnesium, copper and manganese, zinc, potassium and selenium. It is also a good source of fiber, containing about 11 grams.

• Good source of antioxidants. Dark chocolate also contains a vast number of antioxidants, which are excellent for promoting heart health, reducing risk of infection, and fighting free radicals in the body. The cocoa tree is among the greatest source of antioxidants in the world. This means that its fruits – the cocoa pods also have antioxidant properties. Many studies show dark chocolate to have a higher quantity of antioxidants than Acai berries or blueberries.

It is also worth contemplating that dark chocolate has less carbs and half the sugar of milk chocolate and it’s not difficult to see why dark chocolate has many health benefits.

Dark chocolate is definitely the preferred flavor of chocolate as it pertains to vacation treats or those midnight snacks. Only make sure you don’t over indulge!

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I love words. I love nature and I love different cultures around the world. So is it any wonder that I adore words about nature from other places?"Time And health are two precious assets that we don’t recognize and appreciate until they have been depleted.” ~Denis Waitley

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