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I love words. I love nature and I love different cultures around the world. So is it any wonder that I adore words about nature from other places?"Time And health are two precious assets that we don’t recognize and appreciate until they have been depleted.” ~Denis Waitley

Dec 17

14 Foods that Cleanse the Liver

By Natural-d | Health&Wellness

Today were going to talk about 14 foods that cleanse the liver. When the liver is taxed it can’t process toxins and fat in an efficient way. There are many foods that can help cleanse the liver naturally, by stimulating the natural ability to clean toxic waste from the body. Eating the following foods is […]

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Dec 16

Facial Acupressure Points

By Natural-d | Natural Way

Today I want to show you some very good Facial Acupressure points to massage in your face and scalp. Don’t worry if you can’t locate the exact points because your face and your scalp are really rich with trigger points, and you’ll find that any point that’s tender you just need to focus on. Initially, […]

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Dec 16

Does Acupuncture Even Work?

By Natural-d | Acupuncture

Scientifically when it comes to acupuncture, it’s hard to see the point. Acupuncture is the practice of pricking skin or tissue with fine needles; it’s usually used for pain relief although it’s claimed to have a plethora of other benefits. The first definitive description of acupuncture is from China over 2000 years ago. and at […]

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